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Ecological problems of Belebey

Фаррахова Динара,

9 класс.

Руководитель: учитель английского языка

II категории Петрова Е.В.


There are a lot of ecological problems nowadays: pollution, rubbish, overfishing and deforestation.

Pollution is one of the most burning problems nowadays. Now millions of chimneys, cars, buses, trucks exhaust fumes and harmful substances into the atmosphere. These poisoned substances pollute everything: air, land, water, birds and animals. So, it is usually hard to breathe in the large cities where there are lots plants. Everything there is covered with soot and dirt. All these affect harmfully. Every year the atmosphere is polluted by about 1000 tons of industrial dust and other harmful substances. Big cities suffer from smog. Cars with their engine have become the main source of pollution in industrial countries. Vast forests are being cut down for the need of industries. The loss of the forests upsets the oxygen balance of the new wastelands. As the result some species of animals, birds, fish and plants have disappeared and keep disappearing.

Ecological problems should be paid much more attention to. In our school we have lessons of biology, technology at which we are taught the basic things of ecology. But this is not enough. I decided to learn my schoolmates’ points of view on ecological problems, investigate their attitude to ecology to see if our generation refers to eco-warriors or not. I used such methods of investigation as watching, opinion poll and questionnaire.

Students of 9,10,11 forms got questionnaires. Here the results are better. Because most children recycle cans and paper (80 %), in spring they clean their yards, streets, take part in subbotniks (100%). To save water and electricity they turn it off when they don’t need it (60%). All of them (100%) gave correct advice how to keep our village clean and healthy. But still only 60% think that our village has ecological problems.

To my opinion the following methods of problem solution can be offered:

1. Make up eco-warriors teams in schools and in the upper level organizations (teachers, the administration of our village);

2. Make up inner ecological rules, in case of their violation punish the foe;

3. Provide little bins at school corridors, near the club and shops;

            4. Hold Green Days (plant flowers and trees), subbotniks. Besides it would be better if our district newspaper issued articles concerning these problems and if at school everyone knows eco-warriors, their good actions.
Категория: Научные работы | Добавил: ZigZag (06.03.2009) | Автор: Фаррахова Динара, 9 класс.
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